Obama explicado

Nada mejor que un socialista GRINGO para explicar las políticas del presidente Obama.
"The media whirlwind began in October with a call from a New York Times writer. He wanted a tour of the Socialist Party USA's national office. Although he was more interested in how much paper we used in our "socialist cubby hole" than in our politics, our media profile exploded. Next up, a pleasant interview by Swedish National Radio. Then Brian Moore, our 2008 presidential candidate, sparred with Stephen Colbert. Even the Wall Street Journal wanted a socialist to quote after the first bailout bill failed last fall. Traffic to our Web site multiplied, e-mail inquiries increased and meetings with potential recruits to the Socialist Party yielded more new members than ever before. Socialism -- an idea with a long history -- suddenly seemed to have a bright future in 21st-century America..."


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Alvaro dijo...

Lo mismo se podría aplicar a varios por acá en verdad.
Entre toda la mala propaganda que reciben, es reconfortante el recordar que no todos los gringos analfabetos funcionales.
Cheers CRVS